Why should you service your car?

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When you are visiting an amusement park and getting into a roller coaster, would you think or expect it to be in good condition? Do you feel tired after a long work or exercise? Just like the same, your car also feels like having a refreshment from the running exercise.

I have seen three types of car owners. The first type of owners regularly takes their cars for company service during regular intervals and time as suggested by the company. The later type of customers doesn’t rely on company service due to reasons like high cost and service-related expenses but service on third party service centres or workshops. The third type of owners never cares about their car or its life. They rarely take out their vehicles for service or keeps on postponing it.


Why should you service your car?

These are the main advantages and importance of having timely service for your car.

  • Costs saving – Regular servicing of your vehicle can ensure the quality and life of the engine and its components to be in good condition and thus saves your pocket. It also provides good fuel efficiency and performance and saves from sudden car repairs.
  • Safety Improved – Frequent servicing replaces and diagnose safety components like brakes, vehicle alignments, headlamps, suspension etc.
  • Improved Life – A car with regular service records will have good engine life and performance
  • Good Resale value – Prospective buyers always prefer to buy cars with regular service history. They can now check the service details from the brand’s website.

What should be the service frequency?

As a general rule, you should get a standard service done once in 6month/ 10,000kms for basic mechanical and electrical checkups along with topping up the fluids and oils.

But today, most makes have longer service intervals and the best way is to have a look into your service manual to know the time and km for the next checkup. By this, you can have an idea of the changed parts, repaired parts and cost of each part.

Most car brands now provide the approx. servicing costs in their websites and you can check the same by providing your car make and model.

Tips for your vehicle service

These are some important tips which you have to keep in mind while taking your vehicle for servicing.

  • Get the wheel alignment, wheel balancing and wheel rotation done once in 5000kms.
  • Read the user manual for knowing the changing intervals of mechanical and electrical parts.
  • Reading user manual makes you perform basic maintenance jobs yourself.
  • Check for the replaced parts and its model number and validate the costs with the company website.
  • Note the fuel gauge reading before and after taking from the service centre.
  • Keep a note of all the issues and troubles which you are facing with your car before taking the car to service.

Always consider your vehicle as your best companion which also have a heart and soul. Proper maintenance makes our companion efficient to take us to our destination. Remember, if you treat your car well, the car will take care of you.


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