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Photography Ideas

Are you bored with the same old series of photography which looks not only dull but also extravagantly similar types as seen on every place or pages you visit? Don’t worry, we’ve covered up every new butter taste for your photography skills with a set of tricks & tips.

Here are some of the New Ideas for Photographies in 2019, no matter what you are into or what business you are in or who your client is. Let’s learn with the examples and inspirations which are more versatile but less complicated. 

  1. Self Portrait
    There are no beautiful pictures of making yourself as a picture and having a self-portrait. This not only takes your photography skill to the next level, but your photography also takes on a whole new perspective. 

    When setting up your camera, choose a landmark that suits for you to use it as a stand-in until you are ready to jump into the frame. Playing with auto and manual focus with your stand-still until you are gonna find the perfect shot.
  2. Street-Play Style
    Use of eye-catching or stunningly neutral, allows you to capture perfect shots on all the fashion in any street play be it alone subject (people) or a bunch of subjects (people).

    Don’t just aim for the people or the clothes they are wearing, aim for every beauty aspect of the frame from colors to the street or walkway in the background.

    street photography
  3. Seasons
    While everyone is busy taking natural aspects of the surroundings such as rivers, glaciers, forests, etc, try to take a snapshot of the seasons you have around you. Remember every season offers you a different charm from snowy seats to faded leaves.

    Aim for the location for your whole season photography series where you can capture every season. Once you complete this project, believe me, you will have a collection of mesmerizing images that tells your story.
  4. Traffic lights
    Tired of looking for new places for photographing, try with the traffic lights and other light trails in the streets. Looking at the best time to capture the snap, is when the wind is present at dusk midnight.

    Adjust and experiment with your camera angel and settings, a shutter speed of six seconds is usually perfect to take photographs. Remember, without the flashlights.
  5. Bokeh
    Don’t get confused about this with Bokeh mode photography. Here what I mean is this trick where we can showcase blur part (bokeh) instead of the subject which looks completely innovative, unique and beautiful.

    With an open wide lens of f/2.8 aperture, you can create bokeh with every subject such as butterflies, basketball courts, animals, and fences.

    Bokeh Photography
  6. Shadow art
    Just as we know the light is a critical element for any type of photography, the hidden gem lies in the darkness too. Focusing on the subject from the right-top as it blocks the light from the sources creating a slight shadow, like a sidewalk or table.

    For the subjects, widely consider humans and animals, pets, buildings, and musical instruments.
  7. Wardrobe
    On starting your day with your daily items of clothing, and having a snap of these items will look completely new on your photography series. Arranging them sometimes orderly, sometimes carelessly will make the snap series look more creative and stunning. Patterns always look good. There’s something soothing in rows of alternating objects from your wardrobe.

    Remember adding belts, wallets, shoes, bands, and watches while snapping the shots.
  8. Smoke
    Choosing smoke as an object for this photography project using burning sticks or candles allows you to play with various colors. Ensure that the setup must have ample ventilation for the smoke to escape from the room or the place.

    Merging two photographs (one of smoke and other of an object) to create a special design.

I hope these above ideas will inspire your photography ideas for 2019. Whenever you are out of the creative ideas for photography, look through these simple yet stunning ideas which can help to step outside of the same routine or usual photos. 

If you have any ideas or suggestions or recommendations for other photography skills, please comment below and help other readers who are seeking new and innovative ideas.

Photography tips and techniques
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Photography tips and techniques
Here are some of the New Ideas for Photographies in 2019, no matter what you are into or what business you are in or who your client is. Let’s learn with the examples and inspirations which are more versatile but less complicated.
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