Customize your Mahindra without fear


Mahindra has now made it possible for its customers to modify their mahindra vehicles as per they wish. Most of the Mahindra vehicle owners of Thar, Bolero, Scorpio, XUV 500 etc customize their vehicles as part of improving its performance and looks. The company now has an in house team for customizing the vehicle to another extreme level. 

“the mahindra design studio offers next level comfort and performance for the modified vehicel, claims mahindra”

The best part of this is that, the owner doesn’t have to worry about warranty issues, performance issues etc as the modification is made by the company itself. Hence it has the protection of law too. In some states there are a ban on modified vehicles and this would help the auto crazers to make their wish. 


The modification is completely customizable and has got interior and exterior types. The Mahindra design studio also helps in modifying pre-owned or existing owners vehicle also. There are six types of Thar modification styles available whereas the Scorpio can be modified in five different ways. The Bolero is also in the list.

The Mahindra customization is a part of the Mahindra & Mahindra group and has its main operations in Mumbai. You can modify your Mahindra vehicle if you can spend few more penny depending upon the modification. The complete list of types can be found here.


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