Kerala State Bus turns ambulance

KSRTC Super fast

The Kerala State owned KSRTC has recently showed to be more than a bus service, but as a life saver too in the form of ambulance. For the second time in two weeks, the KSRTC crew rescued the accident victims at the MC (Main Central) road. The bus started its journey from Thiruvananthapuram and reached Kurambaala, Adoor by 1:45 am, where the crew noticed the car accident. 

The driver parked the bus in such a way that the headlight beam was helpful for the rescue at midnight and took out the injured passengers from the car. It was a family in the car, who was returning from Chennai to Adoor. The passengers in the car was then transported to nearby hospital in the bus itself.

All the passengers gave full support to the decision of the driver and the conductor for the kind act. KSRTC has shown its attitude to help the needy when needed.


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