This gadget will protect your car for sure.


Time has changed, and the people who rumored the vehicle tracking devices and security devices as just luxury or show off items have changed their minds. They have agreed that the dashboard cameras and car security devices have become more of a necessity, than just an accessory. 

Now, what if you can get a single product that does the job of all these devices? Isn’t it amazing?

Kent takes a new turn from water protection to car protection by launching Kent CamEye, a next-gen car camera. Kent CamEye is more than just a GPS tracker or a dash camera. It bundles together all the advantages of having a Dashcam and a GPS tracker, and it offers great connectivity features. 

KENT EYE dash cam

CamEye uses dual cameras and thus provides real-time video generation of what is happening ahead on the road, and inside the vehicle. It is uploaded on the cloud server and is accessible on your phone for surveillance at a later stage.  It offers two-way communication and also provides all the functionalities of a regular car connect app or a dash camera like location, trip details, alerts etc. It also plays the role of a real-time GPS vehicle tracker for the car, and playback the route traveled by vehicle on a map. The Dash Cam has enabled with night vision dual cameras, and it also sends actionable alerts on the mobile phone when it senses something unusual using Artificial Intelligence. All these features are accessed through an application available on both Android and iOS devices. The captured footage, travel routes, etc., and can be accessed by the user via the application, which is stored in the subscription-based cloud feature. The photos will be securely stored up to 90 days in the cloud storage. 

Kent CamEye comes with a 3000mAh internal battery as well as 8GB of in-built memory that allows it to run for a limited duration, even when unplugged, and locally store a certain amount of data. The device is in-built with its own set of sensors that include GPS, temperature, accelerometer, and light. Thus there is no need to connect the CamEye to the vehicle’s OBD port or hardwire it to the power supply; it also means that it is compatible with all models of vehicles.

The Kent CamEye is priced at Rs 17,999 and comes with a launch offer of three-month free subscription for the cloud features.  After the free subscription period, the user has to pay a monthly/ annual fee to continue using the device features which will range from Rs 450 – 600 per month or Rs 4,500 – 6,000 per year. 

KENT CamEye is a next-gen dashcam cum car security system, which ensures the safety of your loved ones and the security of your vehicle. This amazing device can be purchased from Kent directly or it can also be purchased online via


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