Elephants on the road!

KSRTC aanavandi

KSRTC, the word brings the same feelings to any Malayali as the word Porotta and beef” would. Definitely, it’s one of those things we Mallus are amazingly proud of. So let’s go on an Anavandi trip buckle up? “

Kayamkulam SF poyo?” (Did I miss the Kayamkulam Super Fast?) The typical welcoming we get on a weekday morning at my bus stop. Great mornings are as well cliché. Most of us do not know each other’s title, work, religion, anything… but we know their Bus stops. Haripad eranguna chechi… Kayamkulam pokuna Chetan ( The woman who gets down at Haripad which fellow who gets down at Kayamkulam ) that’s the nom de plume we have for each other. Most of the time it’s fair grins or a head gesturing, we have our communication sorted. The buses ease through the busy traffic lights. It’s as restless as us to reach its goal.

The best seat to learn some pretty good Malayalam curses is the one right behind the driver. You have to have that awkward smile when you hear fellow drivers shower our driver with all foul lines. To be a regular in a KSRTC you ought to need to be great with body language and be able to disentangle the different facial expressions. As we regulars can sense where you’ll get down just by the look on your face or by the way you hold the bar. Be a little clumsy and you’re beyond any doubt to stand until eternity. Most of us indeed get our insider tips from our conductors. Privileges of being a regular.

KSRTC aanavandi
KSRTC Low Floor Bus

We regularly see Kerala’s gender uniformity on these buses. Gone are those days when the women are reluctant to sit close to a fellow. Some of the time I feel glad about how noble our men behave. A great illustration for the rest of the nation. And now and then I ponder how a few aunties abruptly get languid when they see a mother and a child. Of that, I am glad to say that Gen X fair so much superior to the rest.

It’s awesome to have this office running and above water indeed when its neck-deep in debt. Since in the event that not for these lakhs of individuals like would be affected. Acclaim to KSRTC for being there and taking us each day without fail. As they say, to be a genuine Malayali you ought to have been on an Anavandi at least once. So make beyond any doubt to put this on your checklist next time you’re visiting Kerala.

Elephants on the road | KSRTC aka Aanavandi - An emotion
Article Name
Elephants on the road | KSRTC aka Aanavandi - An emotion
If you wanna have the real feel of Kerala, get into Aanavandi once. Let this be the first on checklist when you visit Kerala.


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