Dulquer Salmaan’s Love for Cars

Dulquer Salmaan cars

Like father – like son, that’s what mallus call in the case of this father and son in every aspect. Yes the father is none other than Padmasree Bharat Mammootty, and we love to call him Mammukka. His craze and love for cars are well known like his lucky and brand number 369. Everyone in Kerala watches out for this number if they spot any luxury car on road.

Now his son, Dulquer Salmaan has been into the car enthusiasts list with the same passion and love towards cars taken over from his dad. His love for cars and bikes is different. Unlike most other celebrities or actors who collect and own high-end models alone, DQ stays unique out of them. He has set up his garage for the vintage collections. He has got a good taste in restoring the vintage edition cars and maintaining the same with zero defects. Once he falls in love with a model, he imports the car from the available country and does all the job done and gives it his own styling.

Now he has recently bought BMW 740IL, a 1994 7-series. It was the first car from BMW that offered curtain airbag, satellite navigation etc and features and engine of 4398 cc with a power of 290bhp at 440Nm torque.

To begin with, the W123 Mercedes-Benz 250 is the most common out of it, as its pictures are most commonly found in social media. DQ has tastefully added the perfect BBS rims which stay to be a perfect fit for the car.

Dulquer Salman car

Other additions include a J80 Toyota Land Cruiser and Mini 1275 GT converted to Cooper. Both the legends are still looking and driving good. His dad, Mammookka sometimes takes DQ’s vintage beauties to shoot location for a change. The Volvo 240DL Station Wagon is also one of a kind in our country. It has got entirely different looks and dimensions that we Indians are not much familiar with.

Apart from this, he owns a Porsche Cayenne S Diesel, which is of red color and is quite famous across Kerala. There are many TikTok, Facebook and YouTube videos showing DQ driving his Porsche.

Dulquer Salman car 2

A few years back after his entry into the film field, he used a Pajero Sport Black edition with a tour kit installed. Coming to bikes, Dulquer Salmaan owns a Triumph Bonneville and BMW R1200GS. But it seems he is much more interested in getting and restoring cars.

Dulquer Salman car

The 369 garage has always got a dozen of cars and bikes both in vintage and new-gen variants. People are very much ready to own even the used 369 cars from this great father and son. It’s not just a passion to own, but an emotion to own the car of a great personality they always admire.


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