Cars without side mirrors- soon to hit the road

Digital Side mirror hyundai

What about fixing a camera system into your car instead of side mirrors. Isn’t it wonderful? Hyundai Mobis converts this to reality by building a camera system to replace vehicle side mirrors. The news struck the tech world on Sunday, as South Korea’s prime auto parts maker Hyundai Mobis declared that they have developed a camera monitoring system that will replace side-view mirrors in next-generation vehicles.

They are pointing to export this technology to carmakers. Hyundai Mobis said that “Three high-performance camera sensors inside the vehicle will not only increase driving safety by significantly reducing blind spots, and but also improve fuel efficiency as side-view mirrors will be hidden inside the car”. Vice President Gregory Baratoff in charge of autonomous vehicle development at Hyundai Mobis said that “The paradigm shift to the future car is demanding both functional and design upgrades of all core components which have been taken for granted until today”. Thus, the car mirrors that came into the world a century ago will disappear soon with the emergence of a new camera system.

Digital side mirror

The Japanese carmaker Lexus has announced its first usage of Digital Side Mirrors last year in its upcoming model Lexus ES, 2019 but was only available in Japan. Now every automotive giant is making use of the technology to its maximum to make driving a better experience. The driver no longer need to worry about blind spots and side mirror safety as the display is placed inside and only a small projection of aerodynamic camera which is found on the outside. Moreover, there are some other major benefits of side mirror camera. They include lane-change assist functions, side-impact alarm function etc which makes it easy in highway and city drives.

Rather than Nissan, Mitsubishi had also announced its digital mirror enabled cars to be launched in 2019, but it’s still under development phase. The camera uses AI(Artifical Intelligence) which helps the driver to be informed about incoming traffic and objects within the field. Moreover, it can even identify a pedestrian and a vehicle. This also helps in calculating and identifying a moving object even at night and bad weather conditions. In the near future, a 360-degree camera can become a standard feature as it has got huge applications in the automotive sector.

Digital Side mirror Lexus

As we know the upcoming future cars will be the electric cars, there is a high chance of the traditional side mirrors to be replaced by digital mirrors as they are more aerodynamic and efficient to use. Audi had shown interest in this tech but needs to abide by the road traffic rules and regulations. But somehow in the future, we can expect more brands and cars to have digital mirrors placed on the A-pillar.


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